Drive-Through Bath DB-Series

Drive-Through Bath DB-Series

In situations where neither water nor electricity is available, but still a simple washing of the tyres and under-carriage is required, the use of a drive-through bath is ideal. It is well suited for light soiling and moderate truck frequencies. For high frequencies or heavy soiling, we recommend using an automatic MobyDick Wheel Washing System.

The force of the trucks driving through the system will create the power to wash the tyres. The vehicles drive over a solid steel grate whose cross profiles are below the water surface. As the tyres roll off, the treads open and the dirt on the wheels is washed off by the water. The solid parts settle under the grate and must be lifted out at regular intervals. As no moving components are used, the drive-through basin is subject to hardly any wear and tear and no operational disturbances are to be expected. The operation is autonomous and no operating personnel are required. Installation and commissioning are simple and completed within a few hours.

The FRUTIGER DB-Series drive-through baths are available in five different lengths from 10 to 21 meters. For each length different versions with different water volumes and free spaces under the grate are available. This allows the drive-through baths to be adapted even better to the respective operating conditions. As an option, all versions can be equipped with a galvanised ramp set, allowing fully mobile use. In this case all digging work is omitted and the drive-through bath can be put into operation immediately after delivery.

Specifications / Model DB-10 DB-12 DB-15 DB-18 DB-21
Length 1000 cm 1200 cm 1500 cm 1800 cm 2100 cm
Width 342 cm 342 cm 342 cm 342 cm 342 cm
Drive-through width 320 cm 320 cm 320 cm 320 cm 320 cm
Weight of basin 5.0 t 6.0 t 7.5 t 9.0 t 10.5 t
Weight of grate 3.4 t 4.0 t 5.2 t 6.0 t 6.6 t
Total weight 8.5 t 10.0 t 12.7 t 15.0 t 17.1 t
Height* 100 cm 100 cm 100 cm 100 cm 100 cm
Water volume* 17.3 m3 20 m3 25 m3 30 m3 35 m3
Free space under grate* 12 cm 12 cm 12 cm 12 cm 12 cm

*Other versions available on request.

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As the world market leader for tyre washing systems, FRUTIGER has over 30 years of experience in international steel construction. We manufacture in our own ISO certified production facilities with qualified personnel with years of experience in the processing of steel. For selected orders, our engineers can also take over the planning of your projects with modern computer programs.

Our core competencies:

  • Steel tanks, settling basins
  • Scraper conveyor technology for sedimentation tanks
  • Water-bearing constructions
  • Washing systems for vehicles and machines

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FRUTIGER Group is headquartered in Switzerland. An international network of independent group companies and sales offices takes care of our customers worldwide. Own production facilities in the Czech Republic, China and the USA produce the innovations developed in Switzerland.

The MobyDick brand stands for a very good price-performance ratio and market leadership in the areas of wheel-washing systems, dust binding and demucking!

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